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Step #1

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Questions To Ask Such As...
  •   Systems-  What systems do they have in place for you to succeed? 
  •    Experience- What experience to they have? 
  •   Marketing-​What are their marketing strategies to make sure storage leads and rentals keep rolling in? 
  •   Revenue Mgt- What are the focus areas to maximize the revenue your investment generates? 
  •   Accountability- How is management held accountable for site visits, audits, and training
  •   and more...

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Step #2

On the call we'll work with you to craft a step-by-step gameplan to hit your goals for the next 12 months.  The cost: Absolutely FREE.
We know you might want our help to transform your business.  If so, we can discuss it and see if it's a good fit for both of us.  If not that's fine too.
It's the most valuable 60 minutes you'll invest to grow your self storage business and help you get REAL results.
I started in the self industry over 20 years ago as a newlywed living and managing a couple of self storage properties. My role grew to that of regional manager overseeing many properties across various states throughout the U.S. 

I've enjoyed speaking at various self storage conferences throughout the U.S., conducting workshops, and most recently I put together the first ever 3 day online self storage conference, "The Self Storage Virtual Summit" featuring over 25 presenters! 

It's my goal to continue to educate, train, and manage operations for those in the industry. I do this through my self storage podcast, "The Self Storage Show", writing a book, "Self Storage Domination", conducting numerous trainings online such as "The 30 Self Storage Challenge", and with my 3rd party management company, "3 Mile Management".     

Jim Ross

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